Welcome to the World of Mistress Ess

Shame-Free Art

Celebrating the Beauty & Potency of Female Erotic Desire & Sexual Sovereignty

Mistress Ess is an archetypal alter ego, an embodiment of the artist’s journey towards self-discovery and liberation. Her art is dedicated to investigating sexual liberation and emancipation for women, with a focus on celebrating the female body and sexuality.

Her mission is to empower others to reclaim their own bodies and sexuality, and to create a world where female pleasure and autonomy are celebrated.

Solo Exhibition

I am thrilled to announce my upcoming solo exhibition, “Pussy Magic”, debuting on 1st December at the erotic boutique gallery Amantis in Valencia. This unique collection, a harmonious blend of my “Pussy Magic”, “Paintings & Pleasurescapes”, and “Concealed Desires” series, celebrates the beauty, power, and sovereignty of female anatomy and sexuality.

At its core, this exhibition seeks to destigmatize vulvas and champion female sexual autonomy. The excitement doesn’t end in Valencia – in 2024, “Pussy Magic” will travel to Amantis boutiques in Madrid and Barcelona!